Thursday, June 11, 2015

X-Wing: Rebel Transport

Look at that beauty.   The first of the big ships for X-Wing and I am just now going to talk about it.  So behind on this stuff ofcourse I do not get out to play much either.

Here we have our box contents punch and laid out.  While you get the large ship movement template you do not get the super long range ruler that comes with the corvette as the transport has no turbolasers or other direct weapons.

Here we see the detailing on the upper skin.  Pretty reasonable.

The tiny cockpit raised up to I assume help the pilots see over the front of the ship.

Get the engines on the stern.

And some nice little cargo bins showing on the bottom skin.  Overall very nice looking and faithful to the movies.  The model looks nice but it is very light to the touch.  Mostly hollow.

Not very impressive base card.  The Epic ships do not really seem to be pointed in a way to make them seem very good.

Some interesting tweaks in the ship cards.

Backup Shield Generator seems handy to stay alive.

Slicer tools might be nice to deal with hard to hit but fragile ships.  Pretty pricey at 7 but interesting.

Crew cards all huge ship onlys. 

You get the large ship rules and some missions for a campaign.


  1. I love the detailing on the underside of that ship. Love it.

    1. It is definitely a plus for the model. I honestly did not remember how it stored stuff from the movies but they have been pretty accurate with their models.