Monday, June 15, 2015

6MMRPC: Blood Bowl 4th Edition Big Guys

For this weeks installment of Miniature Mountain Reduction Mondays, we look at the 4th edition big guys for Blood Bowl.  I have had these guys for a little while now but am only now getting them assembled.   While I guess some people paint then assemble I usually assemble then paint at some later point (often decades).

The Lizardman Kroxigor  comes with 2 different head options.  I went with the crested one.  He goes with the 4th edition Lizardman team which I am sort of light on guys for with only the basic team box.

His tail sticks quite a was out but the model is pretty slim besides that.

Minotaur for the Chaos team which I apparently have never posted.  The third edition minotaur is really the star player so this guy is the new basic one.

Definitely needs some green stuff gap filling still.

Here is the troll for the 3rd edition goblin team.  More of the swamp type than the more comical looking ones like ripper.

Lots of slimy details on the back side.


  1. Progress? I am here to give you the nudge to meet your goal if you want.

    Miniatures Painted: 7
    Miniatures Assembled: 3

    1. Sorry, 11 Day road trip. Should be back for some painting tonight.