Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lego LOTR: Council of Elrond

More Lego Lord of the Ring to look at today.  This is a smaller set, the Council of Elrond which I think was about 30 dollars.  For that you got 4 minifigures and a small set piece for the meeting to decide the fate of the one ring.

The minifigures are Arwen, Frodo, Gimli, and Elrond.  I have a couple of Gimli now but still like the printing on the helmet.

Figures all have 2 sided torsos and heads split between the standard happy and angry faces.

There is a seating area for Elrond, Frodo and Gimli to discuss the ring.  Ofcourse there were about 15 more people there so we really are going to need a few more chairs but could also be reshuffled to be the meeting place the the Unexpected Journey where they discuss the Witch Kings blade and the Company of Thorin's quest to the Lonely Mountain.

The set does have a play feature which allows you to shoot Gimli off the platform when he tries to destroy the ring with his axe.  Then the eye appears underneath.  This eye is just a decal and no where near as neat as the eye in the Wizard Battle set.  Buying this set is mainly about getting an Arwen as Frodo and Gimli are pretty common and the battle armor Elrond from the Witch King set is better than this one.

I try to avoid the minifigure collections bug with the license sets as the star war lines keep releasing essentially the same set I already have just with better minifigures but I try to get female ones where I can.  There are only 3 female characters represented in the LOTR/Hobbit line really so I guess I could be glad that they are in lower priced sets in the 15-30 dollar range mainly compared to other theme lines where they are often in the 70-80 dollar sets.


  1. Well when you have a daughter who wants to play, you do need at least one girl figure. At least the made for movies female is a strong one who can fight her own battles.

    1. And That is why I have them all my dear. I might even be able to make a Eowyn using a female head from Star Wars or Pirates of the Carribean sets and a Rohin warrior.