Monday, September 14, 2015

Warpath Kickstarter

So Mantic, in a shock to no one has announced another kickstarter project.  This is for there scifi miniature wargame Warpath.  In their announcement email they stated that the first version of the game did really meet its goals so they studied it and regrouped around a revised ruleset.  I will watch this kickstarter closely as I have a whole pile of unused Sci Fi armies and terrain waiting to the right ruleset but do not plan on actually participating in the funding.  If they release free basic rules I will certainly read and comment on those.

The first reason for skipping the drive is that I have my miniature mountain pledge which says no buying minis without finishing projects which I have done a bad job of finishing projects.  I find that while I like painting I only need a very minor barrier for me to not do it.  My painting desk got covered in stuff when we went on vacation and I never got it cleared up.  Need to get that done but my storage area has also got way disorganized so that takes priority.

Another reason I will not be pledging is that Mantic still owes me my Dungeon Saga Stuff and I do not send more money to companies that owe me stuff already.  This is an inherit problem for companies that run a sizable amount of their sales through kickstarter.  The lag between the development work and the delivery work is long enough that the development team needs a new project to be working on before the delivery team has even started.  So to keep everyone employed you need to be constantly staggering projects.

There is talk that they are looking to make the game work better across ranges of model counts which would be a great addition as 40K has become very top heavy in GW goal to sell more and more very large kits.

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