Friday, September 18, 2015

X-Wing: Imperial Raider Rules

Now onto the meat of the review after looking at the model and included Tie Advanced Repaint.  The Rules for running the Raider.  It is a huge Epic ship so has the same basic rules as the Rebel Blockage runner.  You live or die by your energy and how you use it.  You speed/maneuver determines ow much energy you get each turn.  You spend energy on extra weapon attackes, repairing your shields, etc.  So unless the terrain or mission force you into lots of movement you are probably just trying to get the most energy possible.

The ship costs a flat hundred points to deploy.  Each half of the ship is about as tough as the Falcon.  The base pilot skill of 4 leaves you before the grunts but definitely shooting after the elite pilots.  The primary weapon is a 4 dice 2-4 range attack.  The fore has 1 hard point, 1 team, and 1 cargo while the back has 2 crew, 2 hard points, 2 teams, and 1 cargo for upgrade options.

There are 3 named ships in the upgrades.  I think the Instigator is probably the best but also the most expensive.

They have 5 crew and 3 team upgrades.  All the team upgrades have appeared before but 4 of the 5 crew are empire only.  Note that the Emperor uses 2 crew spots but does not appear to be Huge Ship only so can go in any Imperial Ship with 2 Crew slots like the Imperial Shuttle or Decimator.

The single Turbolaser and Quad Laser Cannons return as hard point mounts along with the new Ion Cannon Battery.  The Ion Cannon might be cooler if it had 1 in its ranges so that it better augmented the basic attack.

The cargo cards all seem pretty familiar.

The set also contains a campaign book with a semi branched campaign depending on the individual mission outcomes.

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