Monday, March 7, 2016

Lego Star Wars Rebel Alliance Battle Pack

So March 1st brought a new wave of Lego Star Wars releases and when I saw the new Rebel Battle Pack, I knew I had to get it.  Now the Battle Packs are your army builder sets and while I do not really build armies by picking up more than 1, I often get 1 copy if the figures are interesting.   In the set you get a 2 person speeder, 2 jump packs, and 4 minifigures.

The 4 minifigures come with 2 different tops and 2 different pants so each is distinct from the others when assembled.  All the heads are different and that is what makes this little 13 dollar set shine.  You get a Rodian head which I have one of from Greedo but is not very common and a Duro head which I am not sure has ever been done before.  Add in the highly detailed helmet on the last guy and it is quite a distinct little grouping compared to getting like 4 identical stormtroopers.

The printing on the face of the Rodian is very good.  The eyes have tiny little printing on them for the multi-faceted appearance.

The torsos also have printing on the back but the heads are all one sided.
The speeder is brick built which is a nice change from the solo ones with a mounted heavy stud shooter on the back.
The front of the speeder also has a stud shooter that mounts to the side.

Over the mini figures for getting some more rebels is the reason to get this set but they are worth it.  Normally I wait for sales but I got this at full MSRP since a sale generally does not save you enough to be worth the extra trip for such a small set and I expect this one to sell well so not be often sitting on the shelf if you happen to be at the store when it is on sale.

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