Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5th Anniversary Giveaway Prize Option: Blood Bowl Duke Luther Von Hawkfire

Another option as a prize for my Giveaway.  We have one Blood Bowl 2ed Chaos Star Player.  He goes by the name of Duke Luther Von Hawkfire and was one of the throwers for the Chaos All Stars back in the day.  I like how he is a happy chaos warrior.  Look at that smile.

As you can see from the stamp this model is like 25 years old now.  That is probably older than a couple of readers of this blog.

For information on how to enter my Giveaway check the announcement post here but the jist of it is that you get an entry for a meaningful comment on any blog post on Sons of Twilight that currently has zero comments.  This includes my whole archive of past posts so there are about 200 chances out there.


  1. No entries for the prize showing posts. Still hundreds of posts without a single comment on this blog.

  2. Replies
    1. No one seems to really want to enter so right now you are looking pretty good with 60% of the entries.

  3. Aha...
    +1 to what Mr. Tristan said.
    This one is very cool indeed!


    I know, I know this post already has comments...