Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blood Bowl: Mighty Zug

The Mighty Zug is an old star player in the Blood Bowl Universe.  I am pretty sure he was mentioned in the second edition rulebooks then showed up in the Star Players hardback.  Originally he was a Blocker for the Reikland Reavers but like all the star players from 3rd edition on, he is now a free agent.  This model is one of the last new models made for the game.

 He is a fairly big human model and came with a larger base.  The model stands 1.25 inches tall compared to a normal human from the team in the same type of position at 1 1/16th.  So about 17% taller or if your human is 6ft, Zug would be 7 ft.  He is the Big Show of Blood Bowl I guess.

He actually looks pretty similar in terms of apparel to the 3rd edition version that I also have.  Tank top, Armor on one shoulder, eagle crest on belt, necklace with medallion, armored fist.  The new model is just less comically of a sculpt in terms of face and proportions but that is what 15 years between releases can yield.

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  1. Zug: the first Star Player I brought for my original Human Blood Bowl team back in third edition. Goofy, but lots of hard-hitting fun :)

    1. He does only play for the basic human team but I do have 5 different of those in the collection which I would rate:

      2nd Ed Metal, 5th Ed Metal, 3rd Ed Plastic, 3rd Ed Metal, 2 ed Plastic.

      Thanks for commenting.