Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Bowl: Lizardmen Team Box

Today from the archive we have the Games Workshop Blood Bowl Lizardmen Team Box.  You get 12 miniatures with 4 Saurus and 8 Skinks.  This is my third lizardmen team.  I have a converted one and the Gamesday Limited Release one also.

The set has 2 copies of the 2 different Saurus models.  Add in the separate arms and you can make 4 models that look slightly different but they are all way to similar. 

The difference is mainly just the skull on top.  The set has 4 Saurus but you really need 6 for the team so you had to buy the others separately.

You then get 8 skinks with 2 each of 4 different models.  Again the variation is pretty weak.

Pretty much just helmet changes.

Or maybe the arm position is different from the first one.

More of the same.

Overall this was one of my least favorite teams produced by GW (which explains why I did a weapon snip version years ago.)  If you want to play a lizardman team I would look to either secondary manufactures or doing some conversions.  The new plastic temple guard might be nice.  I seem to recall seeing some done over on Plastic Legions.  You might throw in a few of these skinks for a little more variety than I got in my weapon snips but trying to buy this team now that GW has put specialist games down unless you are getting a good deal would not be a goal.

Here is the star Slibli

Also the Kroxiagor

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