Monday, June 28, 2010

Forge World Reaver

Got this is the mail from Forge World a little while ago. Epic scale Reaver Titan. I got this model since its Lucius style matches the Forge World warhounds better than the Mars Reaver GW sells even though I ike the GW better as it still looks exactly like the Reavers of old.

This kit cost the same as the 2 Warhound kit but I think that one is the better buy. They pieces in it just seemed better. This titan comes with a volcano cannon and gatling blaster which are the same main armemant on the current GW Warlord. I wonder of FW just molded those metals to get the weapons.

I think it looks better assembled than the picture on the website appears.

I had some problems getting the feet to sit properly so I will probably have to some clean up work down by the feet.


  1. Thanks a lot for pic. What is the size of the base? 40mm or 60mm?

  2. Both the Forgeworld and GW Reavers come with 60 mm bases. The FW warhounds come with 40 mm bases.