Sons of Twilight Dungeon Saga Index

Heroes of Dolgarth Quest:  Heroquest Inspired Gameplay Modifications and Quests


Game Rules:

Dungeon Saga Custom Character Creation Quickstart Guide

Dungeon Saga Core Game Rules and Adventurer's Companion Unofficial Errata and FAQ 

Dungeon Saga Shooting Rules Guide: Line of Sight and Rear Areas

Dungeon Saga Racial Balance Adjustments

Dungeon Saga: Improving Solo and Pure Coop Gameplay
Core Game Tests:  Adventure 2 , Adventure A

New Hero Classes:
Engineer in IronWatch 48

Bonus Heroes Character Cards:
Hordin and Gnasher

Custom Bosses:
Undead Boss Creation in IronWatch 51

Pre Made Bosses:

Dead Eye: Revenant Ranger
Dread Knight: Revenant Warrior
Albress Necromantic Apprentice
Flesh Golem
The Shadow Hunter 
Naratekh Mummified Sword Master
The Hollow  
Bone Giant 
Lich Lord Master Necromancer
King of the Dead

Quest Reviews: Spoilers

The Long Way Back: Tabletop Gaming Exclusive Quest  

Kickstarter Carton Packing Lists:

Carton A and Individual Expansions

Carton B

Game Play Tests:

Dungeon Saga Dice Probabilities
Alpha: Journey from the West
Alpha: Journey from the East
Alpha: Scenario 1

Mantic Dungeon Saga Kickstarter Review Articles:

Dungeon Saga Adventures Companion Revised Edition?

Will Mantic Burn its Dungeon Saga Backers?

Issues with Kickstarter Items

21 Promised Scenarios Missing From Pledge!

Pledge Manager Review

Pledge Period Final Review

Pledge Drive Final Hours

Pledge Drive Last Week

Pledge Drive Halfway

Pledge Drive First Week

New Mantic Kickstarter Dungeon Saga

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