Thursday, October 22, 2015

Slann Catcher Paint Scheme

This is something new I am trying.  I am not much of a painter or a note taker but I am going to try to use the blog to track how I am painting models so I can better compare what I like and do not.  So this is more for me than you guys but if I am writing it out and taking some pictures I might as well share it.

Primer: Citadel Technical Imperial Primer: Brush On Primer

Base Coats:

Leather Harness, Belt, Wraps: Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown

Loincloth and Number Badge: Citadel Base Screamer Pink
Mouth: Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red

 Bone Club: Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone
Chest: Citadel Foundation Iyanden Darksun

 Back and Limbs: Citadel Foundation Gretchen Green

Body  and Limbs: Citadel Layer Warpstone Glow
Chest: Averland Sunset

Loincloth: Citadel Layer Pink Horror
Belts: Citadel Foundation Khemri Brown
Bone Club: Skull White
Chest: Citadel Layer Yriel Yellow
Back and Limbs: Citadel Goblin Green
Mouth: Citadel Blood Red
Eye: Citadel Base Abaddon Black

Chest: Citadel Shade Casandora Yellow
Body Limbs: Citadel Shade Biel-Tan Green
Belts: Citadel Washes Devlan Mud
Mouth: Citadel Washes Baal Red
Loincloth: Citadel Shade Carroburg Crimson


  1. How are you planning to make them look different?

    Can I suggest give them all different colours for the chest and keep all their skin green?

    Would look cool and tie them together (the green) I think while still keeping them looking distinct to identify positions (the chest)

    1. See new post showing off finished guys of the different groups side by side.

  2. Impressed you are getting quite a bit done!

    1. 2 Models a month over several months is a record for me sadly.