Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Blood Bowl: Model Size Comparisons Humans

So the new edition of Blood Bowl dropped last month and I got a copy for my collection for Christmas.  One of the first things people commented on during the rumor and reveal time was that GW was following the Age of Sigmar path and increasing the size of the models.  I am sure this is only to allow more detail and not to try to get people to rebuy stuff so that it is not funny looking next to the new stuff.

Now that I have the set I was able to leverage my collection to compare the different models from the game over nearly the past 30 years to see how consistent they have been in scale.  Long story short is that they have never been very consistent.  The models from the Humans are from 6 different official GW products.
From Left to Right: 2nd Edition Plastics (Monopose), 2nd Edition Metal, 3rd Edition Plastic, 3rd Edition Metal, 4-5th Edition Metal, and 2016 Edition Plastics.



Linemen (2nd and 3rd Models are Human Blocker and Human Lineman from 2nd Edition Metals)


Overall we see that the 2nd edition plastics were larger than most of the other models until the recent release.  The 2nd edition metals are bulkier than the 3rd-5th editions but generally not taller.  The most recently released metal team is pretty similar in size the new team.  If they were on the pitch together the 3rd edition plastics would probably show the scale change the worst of these.


  1. For the most part there isn't a huge difference, except with some of those 2nd ed. metal ones. I had thought it was going to be a much bigger scale change. The difference between AoS stuff and 40K is much more noticeable in my opinion. Not like that's a bad thing though, and not like scale matters in BB.

    1. The 2nd edition metals are bulkier but more hunched over than most of the other models.

  2. rally helpful, many thanks for putting these up